Amin Gharbi

Amin GHARBI is a management consultant based in Tunis. Since 2017 he started doing consultancy missions in grant-writing and M&E for local, national and international NGOs. Working in this field helped raise his sensitivity for aspects as the social impact and Human Rights.

Part of INTERFERENCE core team since the beginning in 2016, Amin’s interest and knowledge in Visual arts (and contemporary art in general) grew bigger every day. During his participation in INTERFERENCE 2016 and SEE DJERBA 2017, he was recruiting and coordinating volunteers for the projects. After the first editions of INTERFERENCE and SEE DJERBA, Amin decided he wants to get more involved in the curatorial sphere. It’s then that he curated (together with Hèla Doghri) a studio under the name “CANDELA”, and that experience continued to lead another curatorial studio under the name “TUMULT” in SEE DJERBA 2019.


2015 – 2019 | | High Institute of Management
2011 – 2015 | | High Institute of Accounting and Business Management


Lives in Tunis
1992 | Born in


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