Hayfa Mahmoud

Hayfa Mahmoud is an architect and curator based in Tunis.


Art is a source of inspiration and imagination that help me to think in another manner, connecting the past, the future and envolve me in the curatorial world.

My experience as a curator started with INTERFERENCE, the sensoriel experiences and the stories that i lived and felt keep me continue in this direction.

My talent is to deal with complicated situations. Improvisation is my strong point that let me discover my self.



2011 – 2018 l Sidi l National School of Architecture l ENAU


Since 2019 l l Sigma Architecture l Architect

2018 – 2019 l l Junior curator

2018 – 2019 l l Junior curator

2018 – 2019 l l Team leader

2017 – 2018 l l Junior curator

2016 – 2017 l l Art Mediation ( Site guide )

Lives in Tunis

1991 l Born in