TASAWAR Webstudio 15

21 August 2020, | 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Discourse on Display: Small Lectures
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Aisha Abbassi / Amira Chihaoui / Chiraz Mosbah / Dorrine Nasri
Maria Lind: Displacements and Sites Notes on a Curatorial Method.
Wiley & Sons 2020

Katerina Kallivroussi
On: Dorothea von Hantelmann: The Experiential Turn.
In: Elizabeth Carpenter (ed): On Performativity. Living Collections Catalogue, Vol.1. Walker Art Center 2014

Frankie Macaulay / Hayfa Mahmoud / Hèlà Doghri / Hinda Rezgui
Elena Filipovic: The Global White Cube.
ONCURATING Issue 22 2014

Imen Cherif / Imen Zarrouk / Louise Barranger-Léonard
Paul O’Neill: The Curatorial Turn.
Intellect / 2007.

Manel Ben Ali / Samir Bahri / Sana Mahfoudhi / Syrine Siala
Brian O’Doherty: Inside the White Cube.
The Lapis Press San 1976


Hans Kotter. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2018. Photo Khaoula Heni.