Héla Doghri

Héla doghri is a fashion desginer, artisanal ceramics and  and junior curator based in tunis ,She has been part of the core teams of INTERFERENCE in Tunis and SEE DJERBA in Houmt Souk caring for different tasks. In 2018, she was tandem curator of the curatorial studio “CANDELA” for INTERFERENCE 2018.


As a socio-cultural activist, she has a been participatting  in different  projects like FAM festival and Freep the Expo



2018-2019 | | Centre Nationale de la Céramique d’Art Sidi Kacem Jelizi (CNCA) | Training in Ceramics

2015-2017 | |  Centre Sectoriel de Formation en Habillement à Tunis | Fashion Designer



Lives in tunis

1994 | Born in Tunis,Tn