Chiraz Mosbah

Photography, Cinema, Scenography, Installations

Photography papers, videos, films, documentaries, objects, recycled objects

Chiraz Mosbah, Interior designer and art historian. Teaching design and curatorial studies at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Sousse.

My passion for art started with my first exploration of the traditional city of Tunis.
My art productions are related to photography, cinema, scenography and installations showed in different countries.
The inspirations are taken from everything I see, live and feel in my surrounding society. My engaged work tends to focus on a critical thinking of social, cultural, ritual and political issues inviting the viewer to meditate. I try to interpret/reflect familiar concerns from people’s daily life, by using a variety of materials and processes.
An important aspect of my work is the interaction with people, familiar/unfamiliar with arts, and I often utilise unconventional spaces for my artworks (rubbles, corridors, toilets…).
I try to create an art for each mental viewer to share thoughts/opinions far from the received ideas of our educational system, something to change a persons’ perception, a way to resist to extinction.
I was member of the Tunisian Federation of Amateur Filmmakers and I had contributed to the completion of several short films that participated in national/international festivals and won many awards. I had organized personal/group photography exhibitions, in Tunisia, France, Spain and Bahrain. I had participated in the festivals of foreign artists in Paris through a series of installations and had organized cultural events in Tunisia France and Bahrain. I was one of the founders of a Contemporary Art Society, Paris. I was appointed as juror of an international photo competitions in Tunisia, as well as expert at the 7th session of Ta’a-Alshabab Festival in Bahrain.

1993-2003 | | Contribution to the production of documentaries – FTCA (Tunisian Federation of Amateur Filmmakers)
1993-2009 | and | Regular personal and group exhibition activity, mainly in France and Tunisia
2013-2018 | | Regular group scenography activity in Bahrain
2014-2018 | | Regular organisation of cultural and artistic events in Bahrain

FORMATION | Higher Institute of Fine Arts – Sousse | Habilitation in Arts and Crafts | La Sorbonne – Paris IV | Doctorate in History of Islamic Art and Archaeology | University of Humanities and Social Sciences | Master in Heritage and Archaeology | Higher Institute of Fine Arts (ISBAT) | Bachelor in Interior Design

Lived in from 1999 to 2005
Lived in from 2011 to 2018
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