Sound sculpture, installation, kinetic



Cardbord, wood, plastic, dc-motors, kinetics



Rythm and chaos, minimalist constructions, lifelike complex sounds, sounds and human emotions



I’m interested in sound as an architectonic element. In sound to create space, but also in sound which somehow is inhabiting a room and interacting with it. In three-dimensional sound structures as well as in a spatial experience and exploration of sound. Sound to create somehow static sound architectures that can be entered and explored acoustically, similar to walking around in a building. Elements like patterns, repetition and spatial structures in general are taking part in this process.

// Interview with the artist, conducted by Juhee Han, 2017, Kadenze Blog



“To be honest, I never really thought about my work or decided anything in a historical context. I’m an autodidact by heart and my work grows mainly through the process of doing it. I’m influenced and inspired by the present, the world and universe I’m living in every day. ”

“The reduction in my work makes you concentrate in what’s there. What you hear is what you see. So the relationship between the materials, movements and sounds is very obvious. This simplicity, directness and immediacy interest me. I’m trying to bring visual, sonic and spatial elements together into one essence in my installation work.”

// Zimoun & Leeraum [] Sound organisms in evolution, interview conducted by Marco Mancuso,


#EXHIBITIONS [Selection]

2019 | Abu Dhabi.uae | Zimoun Exhbition, NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery

2018 | | Time at loss #3 – Mechanical rythms and repetition, Kule Kunsthaus

2017 | | The overHEARD, Godsbanen

2016 | | 605 prepared dc-motors, cardboxes, Museum Galleria Civica di Modena 

2015 | New York City | [KE]³, The Knockdown center

2013 | | Urban Sounds, HeK Basel

2011 | San | Zimoun: Solo Exhibition, Gray Area






Autodidact, no official training in the arts



Lives and works in

1977| Born in



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