Bettina Pelz: Time-based Media (loose sheet collection 2019/2020)

The term “time-based media” describes artworks that encompass temporal dimensions such as analogue and digital imageries, sound and music, a performance, or an event, a meal, a walk, or an experience.

Michael Mansfield: “I’d like to find interesting ways to document the lifecycle of media artworks. This might be out of left field a bit, but artworks like this seem to live and breath in ways that are unique in the arts and unique in their time or historical place. They grow, or shrink. They respond to their surroundings. They physically evolve. They consume. They age. They die … In some cases they reproduce. Outside of the box, I think we might benefit from some creative, comparative research with animal sciences, through their documentation of life cycles. We can look at the tools used by zoos and their conservation practices with living specimens. How do they document natural behaviors of a living creature? Perhaps this might generate some new ideas for handling something like an artwork, something that is uniquely human.”
>> Trevor Owens: Challenges in the Curation of Time Based Media Art: An Interview with Michael Mansfield. 9 April 2013


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