MATTER OF TIME _ Curatorial Approach

Ennejma Ezzahra

Draft while developing an exhibition concept for Ennjema Ezzahra in 2020

#content (Syrine Siala + Mariem Essaddi)

Brainstorming: Wording from the site_the context_the location:

Cultural Heritage _ History _ Architecture _ Mediterranean _ 1910 (XX Century)_ Harbor _ White & Blue _ Musicology _ Galeries…

The choice for Media Art and Contemporary Art was “obvious”: We are in the XXI Century and we think, as future curators, that we should look towards and provide more space for contemporary art. Media Art gives a wide range of ephemeral mediums which is perfect for cultural heritage sites, classified sites that we should preserve.

Observation: The area of Sidi Bou Said, la Marsa, Carthage and Gammarth is the densest area of all tunis and Tunisia in term of number of galeries. We noticed that the public of Ennejma Ezzahra as well as the Banlieue Nord (North Suburbs) is mostly elitist.

We thought, at first, about how we can open the area to a non A-list public? Or about how the area could act as a meeting point for a variety of publics?
With this in mind, should we gather a group of artists to question social disparities?

We keep 3 aspects: Contemporary Art _ Media Art _ Artists engaged in social disparities

    1. #Esthetics ( Mahfoudhi Sana & Imen Zarrouk ) :
    • INDOOR :

    – Keep very simple , pure and minimalistic .
    – Harmony between artworks .
    – On walls : no cartels , no texts to opt more for environment zero waste and limiting the of use of paper.
    – ” hide to show better ” : encourage an approach to hide certain details and to highlights others for example
    through the use of shadow and light play…

      OUTDOOR :

    – The more adventurous and transgressive works …
    – establish an itinerary

    #mindset (Ons Kammoun and Imen Bahri) :

        • Environment : Zero waste
        • Leaving our mark l Museum: archive, collection, exposition
        • Artists : Nationalities: 50% Tunisian l 50% International l Gender: all genders are accepted
        • Including the society: call for artist collaborators (Historians, Architects, Musicologist, curators of the CMAM, Writers, locals )
        • Audience : Art for all l Symbolic entrance fee

    #organization (Chiraz + Imen + Mohamed)

    The organization work is based on different levels:
    * Organization between the different teams (planning, collaboration, coordination, communication tools, regular meetings, task divisions, deadlines…)
    *Organization with the human resources (volunteers, technicians…)
    *Organization/communication with the artists (traveling, artworks shipping, accommodation…)
    *Organization with the partners
    *Organization with public/media (agenda)
    *Organization of the event (timing, period, capacity…)
    *Organization of the opening and closing ceremonies (location, timing, invitations…)
    *Organization of special events
    *Global values (solve conflicts, establish mutual respect, engagement, being on time…)


    #production ( Hayfa Mahmoud and Manel Ben Ali)

    * Materials and transport ( what we need exactly, artists needs…)

    * Technical team

    * Follow up consultation (culture producer, architect…)

    * Safety and security (place, objects, audience, artists, artworks …)

    * Site specific ( technical and artistic feasibility )

    * Coordination with the accomplices

    #communication (Dorrine Nasri and Amira Chihaoui)

    We are going to communicate with zero waste mindset..
    Using suspense and giving information gradually.. through different media.

    What are we going to do before the exhibition?
    Communication through :

    •  Social media: Instagram, Facebook =sponsoring
    •  Audiovisual: radio, TV _
    •  Press conference


    • art community
    • wider public
    • people with special needs
    • Students
    • underprivileged region

    What are we going to do during the exhibition?

    Communication in situ

    • Maps
    • catalogs
    • Communication About the process, and different contributors to the project
    • Collecting feedback from the audience

    What are we going to do after the exhibition?

    • catalogs for curators and artists.
    • Communicate about the plan of the exhibition: Nbr of visitors.. Nbr of artists…..
    • Putting Feedback video.. images, catalogs in an online library, give free access to all the information
    • Keep communicating about the whole experience.. during other festivals..