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Selma Feriani Gallery

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Add Space Studio, Soukra, Ariana

Add Space Studio is the extension of Mouna Jemal Siala’s studio located in Soukra. It is a place of meeting, exchange, creativity and sharing.

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Maison de l’image, Mutuelle ville, Tunis

The Maison de l’image is a private cultural center dedicated to the image, in all its forms: photography, video, cinema and new media. The Maison de l’image is located in Mutuelleville and develops on the first floor, ground floor and basement of a three-storey building. It consists of a coworking space, an exhibition hall, a training room, a projection room, a café and a large terrace.

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La villa-Sébastien Centre Culturel International de Hammamet, Hammamet

The International Cultural Center of Hammamet is a member of the International Network of Cultural Encounter Centers, which has nearly 40 active centers around the world.

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International Cultural Center of Hammamet
La villa-Sébastien Centre Culturel International de Hammamet, Hammamet

Author Sana Mahfoudhi

B’Chira Art Center, Tunis

Contemporary Art Center : In fact, it is a cultural project founded by Bchira Triki Bouazizi that not only participates in exhibitions, but also introductory and advanced workshops in all fields related to contemporary art.

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B’Chira Art Center
B’Chira Art Center Website

Author Sana Mahfoudhi


The box is an art space that stands out for its approach and location.
Far from the northern suburbs and the capital, the location of “La Boite” immediately signifies a territorial break with the usual places of art exhibition. Indeed, the space founded in 2008 is located in Charguia I, an area known for its industrial vocation.
As the originator of this initiative, Fatma Kilani did not content herself with this geographical exception by placing the promotion of artistic culture at the heart of her project.

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La Boîte_ Un lieu d’art contemporain

Author Sana Mahfoudhi

Dar El Founoun, Belvèdère , Tunis

Dar El Founoun is a cultural and research center in the field of the Arts which offers its public an art gallery, a media library, an indoor and outdoor leisure space.

Dar El Founoun organizes artistic exhibitions, but also other activities: conferences, projection of documentary films, shows, round tables, debates, workshops …
Since February 2014, the center is headed by Mrs. Sameh Habachi.

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دار الفنون Dar El Founoun – CNAV

Author Sana Mahfoudhi


Elbirou Art Gallery, Sousse

Elbirou Art Gallery



Yosr Ben Ammar Gallery, Gammarth

Yosr Ben Ammar Gallery, Sousse

Agorgi, Sidi Bou Said

Galerie El Marsa, La Marsa

Galerie Elmarsa

Central, Tunis