Khadija Hamdi-Soussi

Khadija Hamdi-Soussi spends six years in Paris attending biennials, fairs and artists’ studios.
She has also worked at the Arab World Institute in Paris and has done several internships in galleries and auction houses such as “Sotheby’s and Tajan” as part of her master’s studies in the art market. EAC Paris, before continuing with a PHD in Islamic art at the Sorbonne.
Khadija worked for a contemporary Arab art background in Germany, while practicing as an independent curator and art history teacher.
As a researcher in art history and archeology and curator in contemporary art, Khadija Hamdi Soussi has always sought to establish links between the old and the contemporary.
2012| She was able to invest the archaeological museum of Carthage, a particularly striking project. “This is one of the topics that has answered my career as an art historian!”

Settled in Paris, then in Germany and currently in Barcelona

2017 | At the Selma Feriani gallery in Sidi Bou Saïd she has curated a group exhibition entitled “The horror of the Full” The exhibition presents the conceptual and refined works of 6 contemporary international artists with Tunisian contemporary artists too .

2018 | As part of Jaou , Khadija invests the pavilion of the element “earth” and chose the subject of the imaginary museum bringing together artists interested in heritage, heritage and the concept of a museum.