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DREAM CITY is a multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art organized in the public space exhibiting works resulting from an artistic production process lasting more than a year, during which Tunisian and foreign artists are invited to innovate in their artistic practices by creating in situ in a close relationship with the territory and populations.

Created by Sofiane and Selma Ouissi, the DREAM CITY concept was launched in November 2007 and continues in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017. It is part of the Tunisian artistic scene as an act of challenge around a contemporary aesthetic.

DREAM CITY takes place in the Medina of Tunis where its usual or unusual places, carriers of social life, culture or heritage such as caf├ęs, houses, chapels, restaurants, schools, squares or alleys, are the places of diffusion of the contextual and original creations of the artists.

DREAM CITY 2019, the 7th Edition of the Festival, aims to continue to invite communities to discover different forms of artistic expression while establishing a new relationship between the artist, Art and the populations involved in the creative process.

DREAM CITY is a project that emanates from the traditional form of festival. Indeed, the participating artists arrive without any artistic project and it is the interactions with the city, the street and its occupants (inhabitants or users of the Medina), which will give rise to a desire to treat through art a social, economic, political or urban aspect.

In DREAM CITY, the artist is not a person who creates, far from reality and the public, he is a citizen who produces ideas, an innovator who uses artistic production as a vehicle for sharing opinions and dialogue. This approach and methodology, used by Art Rue, makes it possible to make the Biennale DREAM CITY:

A space of free expression because it encourages artists to experience more sociability and citizenship by creating in a relationship of proximity with the territory (in situ creation) and populations.

A space of free movement because it establishes new ways of interacting with populations, citizens, by involving them, directly or indirectly, in the artists’ exploration processes.

DREAM CITY Website: A Propos. No Date Given. >> 28 September 2019.
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Amine Rouissi: Dream City 2019 – Quand l’art investit la Medina de Tunis. On: 9 September 2019. >> 1 October 2019.